May 2, 2009

What a Load of Garbage!

Wow! With three little boys, you have to pick up a lot of trash. Wrappers. Bottles. Worn out clothes. Tissues. Napkins. A LOT of partially used napkins. *grrr* Broken toys. Abandoned morsels of food A.K.A. dog treats. We could fill a dumpster!

Oh, that's right!

We have a dumpster!

It's sitting in my driveway.


I have proof.

Here's it comes.
It's gonna be tight.

Careful! There's a house here!
John was directing the dumpster traffic.

Easy does it.
Almost down.
Let's get this truck folded back up!
Thanks, Driver. Don't worry. The pictures are solely for my own purposes. (I think I made him nervous with my camera. He probably thought I was looking for something to sue about.)
All done.
Bye-bye, Truck.
I tried to get a picture of the dumpster completely empty. This is as close as I came since John had to get right to work filling it with junk. Blast! Here he is.

A bird's eye view.
Just wait until you see the "after" picture.
It may seem like there have been a lot of construction-related posts lately. That's only because there is a lot of construction going on around here. There is so much construction that I made a new "construction" category for my labels. Stay tuned for yet more construction updates!
P.S. We have so much construction junk that I wasn't able to use the dumpster for the aforementioned little boys' trash. Oh well.

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