May 7, 2009

Musical Chairs

The boys are playing Musical Chairs. This is a brand new game for Nathan. After I told them and showed them how to play, they gave it a whirl. They had a hard time accepting that I had placed the right amount of chairs. "There's four of us and only three chairs!" "That's the point.", I tell them, "You have to pay attention and be quick to sit down so that you get a chair. The last person sitting wins the game." I think they were questioning my counting ability.

Nathan was insistent that one particular chair was his and tried to kick out anyone who had dared sit in HIS chair. Meanwhile, the other empty chair would become occupied. Sometimes he would just declare that he would sit on the couch. Well, okay, but you're supposed to try to sit in the chair nearest you... David would point to a chair when the music stopped but not instantly sit down. Isaac did pretty good but Eli was a pro. He had that crouch walk going, the hand on the chair backs working, and the booty slide happening. It was hilarious!

They all caught on and played by themselves a couple of times while I prepared a quick lunch for them. I even heard that Nathan won a game!

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daddy said...

thats my boy!!!