May 22, 2009

Still Roofing

Just because the dumpster is gone doesn't mean the work is over. The roofing continues. John is on the roof nearly every non-rainy day. It is seemingly slow-going with only one man working most of the time but the progress is evident.

This is our roof ... from the inside. (You seriously didn't think I would climb up there to take a picture, did you?) We have two little storage closets that aren't "finished." The boys and I listened and watched as the John and Randy tore off the shingles that day. When the sunlight made its way through the cracks, we were even able to see the guys as they worked and, of course, holler to them.

As I write, John is up there putting new shingles on this section. He's almost done shingling our house roof. Today is cooler so he won't be as worn out as yesterday. After the shingles are done, there will be the ridge vent, counter flash the chimney, facia, the other stuff, and the garage.

Okay, okay. You talked me into it. I climbed up the ladder and took this picture. Wow. Look at the nice new shingles. Look at the strong man attempting to even out his tan while working. Look at the steepness of this roof! And then keep praying for that strong man's safety.
After he works hard and comes inside dirty, hungry and tired, he gets to look forward to this: our boys.

They love to sit with him.

Play with him.

Make him laugh.

And climb all over him.


Missy said...

lol at, Look at the strong man attempting to even out his tan while working.
The roof is looking good. We put a new one on a few years ago and it's such a nice relief not to think about it for MANY years to come.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

That strong man got a sun burn too! Ouch. And I'm sure he was trying to even it out for me since he doesn't care about tan lines. Aww.