May 2, 2009

No Blog Here

This is me not blogging about any one's injured big toe.

We have a tall wooden bar stool in our kitchen. Yesterday it fell over because it was being used as a step ladder and was tipped while being scooched across the kitchen floor by one of my boys who happens to be the oldest. I won't mention any name. The round seat landed right on the previously alluded to person's big toe. Let me just say that there was much pain expressed. Of course, in my ever so sensitive way, I immediately "helped" by saying, "This is why we don't play with the stool! You don't climb it! You don't move it!" I am certain that he immediately felt better.

Is it a mom thing? Getting upset at the loved one because he caused pain to a loved one - himself?

So then I try to comfort him but what can you do with a banged big toe? There's no blood to clean. There's just that awful and intense throbbing pain. I prayed for his toe. It looks a lot better today than it looked to me late last night when I checked on him and gave him some Tylenol and changed him into some different pajamas. *Note to self: Don't wear footed pajamas when your toe hurts.*

I took a picture of the injured toe today but I won't be posting it here. There was a condition: "You can take a picture but don't blog about it!"

So this is me blogging about my reaction to a painful accident which could have been avoided if only he had listened to his mom...... :0)

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