May 8, 2009

Lost in Translation

We took Nathan to the doctor this morning for his three-year checkup. He seemed excited about "going to see the doctor."

I was surprised how well he did following directions in getting weighed and measured. He wasn't his usual chattery self but was paying close attention to everyone who came in to see him.

The gown was so cute that I had to pull the camera out; however, he wasn't willing to pose for me.

" Don't take my picture!" Are you sure? You look very cute... "No picture."

Alright, I'll take Noah's picture. (Noah did a great job waiting though he would have liked to explore all the drawers and cupboards more.)

Doctor Mike entered and looked in Nathan's ears, listened to his heart and lungs, and asked all the relevant questions. Nathan sat very still the whole time. When we were all done and leaving the exam room, Nathan says, "I wanna go see the doctor." I tell him, "We just did. That was Dr. Mike and we're all done now. Let's go."

As we're leaving the building, I tell Nathan to hold my hand because we're going into the parking lot. He listens well, gets in the car, and we all head home. Suddenly, when we pull into our driveway, there was an emotional breakdown. "I WANNA GO TO THE PARKING LOT!", wails Nathan. To which I reply, "Ummm .... yea .... We did that. That's where all the cars were parked."

He didn't appreciate being "tricked" twice in one morning.

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