May 5, 2009

Fiesta Night

On April 23, Josiah's school had a special night for the families to come and enjoy seeing what they've been learning. The theme was Fiesta.

Mrs. Arce is the Spanish teacher. Since Josiah is in Kindergarten, he only has Spanish class once a week. Though he claims not to remember what he learned, every once in a while he will gleefully tell me a Spanish word. So this night the students had the chance to show us what they've been learning. They sang in Spanish and the older students did a skit in Spanish. They did a great job!

Meanwhile, Nathan wished that he could be in the play! I didn't get to see much of the show in person because I was corralling the two younger boys in the hallway to prevent a rush on the stage. Oh well. John recorded it all on video.... if only I knew how to get it from the camera to the computer. *sigh*

After the performance, they did a Spanish dance and grabbed their parents to join in. John danced with Josiah; however, John said he was the one that was doing most of the dancing. Then we all ate yummy Spanish/Mexican food. Even the guacamole was so good that I risked having extreme pain in order to try a little. (My body doesn't like avocado.) No worries. I survived. Obviously.

Thank you, Mrs. Arce!

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