December 17, 2008

Josiah Goes Christmas Caroling

Look closely ... nope. Josiah isn't in this picture.
Cousin Isaac is front and center though.

Today Josiah went Christmas Caroling at the Sunrise Assisted Living Home. They sang, handed out Christmas cards which they made and shared the love of Jesus with the residents.

The Pre-K through 2nd Grade of Leadership Christian Academy went caroling together. Aunt Holly shared pictures with us. Thanks Holly!

This morning I was concerned that Josiah may get shy and not talk. So I reminded him - "You're going to visit a lot of people who are grandmas and grandpas like great-grandma. My grandma loved visiting with all you kids. Remember to answer. Don't hide. And smile." He let me know that he knew that. From the pictures and videos, it looks like he did great!

December 11, 2008


Nathan is a builder, an explorer, an adventurer.
For whatever reason Nathan loves to pile all the couch cushions, pillows and blankets in one place on the floor and bury himself in them or just lounge on them. He doesn't fear risking the wrath of Mom when she discovers the "good" blankets have been absconded from their rightful places on the back of the chairs.
Not long after the new furniture arrangement for the Christmas tree, Nathan and Josiah made their own new arrangement. A fort! Nathan even invited me inside with him. What a sweetheart.

Here's Nathan in his fort joined by Cairo.

It's Magic!

Noah discovered a magic trick! He pulled out one soft white thing-a-ma-jig from a box .... and out popped another! Then another and another.... Amaaaaazing. He did it about 20 times! Mad magician skills.

Then we put the Kleenex box away.

It's Camoflauge!

This is a "catch-up" blog:
One morning recently, I woke up to see a green face staring at me.I went downstairs and discovered another green face. When I asked why they had colored on themselves, Josiah replied, "It's camoflauge!"
Of course. So I let them be green-faced most of the day.

John let me know that he had already taken the pictures.

Christmas Angel

The time has come to decorate for Christmas. We put it off a while this year. Last year we took the tree down right after Christmas because Nathan, a toddler at the time, and the kitten were constantly removing ornaments and/or branches. I was hoping to avoid some aggravation by postponing the set-up. This weekend I concocted the plan of a gradual set-up to ease them into it. We'll see if it works. So far, so good.
Yesterday, we cleaned the house and rearranged furniture before John and Josiah set up the tree. I had planned to put the lights on the tree after the boys went to bed but put it off because I had hurt my back during the cleaning part of the day.

Previously: Josiah had seen the Christmas Angel tree toppers both at Grandma and Grandpa's house and at church. Sunday morning, as we're heading to the car, Josiah asks me if we can get an angel for our tree. "No", I say, "We have a bow for our tree." Not satisfied Josiah asks again and again and yet again. "Not this year." "We don't need one." "Josiah, I'm not going to buy an angel." Finally, I ask him, "Josiah, do you want an angel or do you want a gift?" I'm not surprised when he chooses a gift.

This morning when I came downstairs ready to tackle the lights, John tells me that Aunt Holly and Uncle Micah had left an angel in our mud room for us. I had told Holly about Josiah's fascination and multiple requests - she blessed us with a beautiful Christmas angel wearing gold and red. Thank you, Holly!

I started to work on the lights! With the angel on top, the lights, the bows and ribbons, our tree is looking great! We'll see how soon and how many other ornaments we add to fill out the tree...

December 9, 2008

The Faith of a Child

Two Sundays ago our family watched a video by Louie Giglio. He talks about the massiveness of the universe and how God in His infinite wisdom and creativity created the cosmos. Creation declares the glory of God! He then talks about people. God made us in His image. He loves us so much and so interested in us that he even knows the hairs that on our head. Nothing is too big for God and nothing is too little.

As I talking to Josiah about how wonderful it is that God is so awesome and yet cares about the intricacies of our lives, Josiah simply responds, "I know that."

Maybe he does. Maybe Josiah has a better grasp on the awesomeness of God and His love for us than I do. The faith of a Child. He doesn't have the worries, the hurts, the disappointments, the betrayals and more that affects our views, that makes us focus more on ourselves than on our Creator and Savior for whom nothing is too difficult and Who tells us to cast our cares upon Him for He will give us rest.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork." Psalm 19:1

“All things were made through Him and for Him. He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:16b-17

December 7, 2008

Foreign Languages

Nathan is an early riser. I don't know where he gets that. I heard him opening my door this morning and I got up to put him back in bed. "Nathan, it's too early to get up. Stay in bed." I hear him fussing and whining for awhile but he quiets down in a bit and I fall back to sleep.

John wakes up and I hear a commotion. "NATHAN!" Rumblings... up and down the stairs... "Great," I think, "What did Nathan do?" I envision the neatly folded laundry from last night strewn about the house, or the refrigerator open and with food mushed and eggs broken on the floor, or maybe he flooded the house in his love of playing with water. John comes into our room and says in his disastrous voice that I must come see what happened. There is great foreboding. I walk downstairs and look into the bathroom where John is. The mess. "Oh. Well that will clean up." Nathan had gotten into the bathroom closet which is usually locked for just such a reason. He explored the intricacies of my make-up bag. Make-up was dumped into a pile. Foundation had been shaken out in ribbons of beige. Tampons had been released from their imprisonment. And Nathan smelled like my old perfume. It was a relief really after what I had imagined.... nothing at all like the story I hear of what John did as a child....

At little later, Josiah figured it out for us as I'm getting the boys dressed for church and getting breakfast out. He says, "Maybe Nathan speaks another language." "What?", I enquire. "Maybe in Nathan's language, STAY IN BED means HELLO." Maybe you're right, Josiah.

December 5, 2008

Josiah the astronaut

Josiah had a school project in October. In the classroom, they had been talking about community helpers. Each student chose a community helper which they would research over the next few days then present what they learned to the rest of the class. They could do their presentation in costume if they so desired. (As if they wouldn't so desire.) Josiah chose to be an astronaut.
An astronaut? I think. Couldn't he have been a fireman or a farmer which we have an abundance of dress-up things? I was trying to figure out how to put together a costume resembling an astronaut. That Saturday, Josiah went out with his friend, Marcie, and while they were out they found a great costume at the party store. Yay! Thank you, Marcie!
We delve into astronauts. We read our book together about space and space shuttles, we watch movies such as Apollo 13 and Rocketman (heh heh), and we spend time on NASA's website. NASA is very helpful with lots of information, videos, games.

These are the questions to which he had to find the answers:
What is their job?
What tools do they use?
What schooling do astronauts need?
What do they like best about their job?
What don't they like about their job?

We found all the answers and prepared for the big day. I'd tell you all the answers if it wouldn't take up so much space! There's a LOT of schooling involved. He was so excited that morning; he could hardly hold still. I only wish I could have seen him in action.

Ready for space exploration.

Josiah isn't camera shy when he's taking the pictures.

December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Noah!

November 7th marked Noah's first birthday. He did a great job being friendly and welcoming at his party.

In the search for a cute birthday party theme, I discarded the idea of Elmo because of the cost. When shopping for unrelated items, I found party packs featuring Noah's Ark. I couldn't pass it up! I had fun making an Ark cake with animal crackers all around. It was a big hit with the kids!

Noah did NOT care for the candle on his cake. The cake and the icing were yummy though.

Everyone seemed to have fun helping Noah open his present then helping test out the new toys..... We had a fun time visiting, eating, and playing.

What's this? Pretty good.... All done!

Looking at that fire on the cake, Investigating the packages, playing with paper

Checking out the new stuff, playing, and visiting with Grandpa

Thanksgiving Play

Cousins - Isaac the Indian and Josiah the Pilgrim

Josiah was a pilgrim this year at school. They sang the books of the Bible. They rode the Mayflower. They shared a thankful meal with their Indian friends. It was a very cute performance.

Josiah and some of his classmate Pilgrims

Pilgrims and Indians - Theses pilgrims even had special buckles on their shoes.

For his homework two nights before, Josiah had to think like a pilgrim and pack just a few things in a shoebox that were important to him and to have in a new life. Josiah chose his Bible Story book, toothbrush, toothpaste, a picture of our family, Play-Dough (to make anything that he may need), a notebook, and a pencil.
He took his shoebox to school the next day to show what his choices were. We had to get past the surprise of discovering that he had used his toothpaste on the bus ride home to "paint" the lid of his shoebox before learning from him how his day went. Apparently, all went well.