December 11, 2008

Christmas Angel

The time has come to decorate for Christmas. We put it off a while this year. Last year we took the tree down right after Christmas because Nathan, a toddler at the time, and the kitten were constantly removing ornaments and/or branches. I was hoping to avoid some aggravation by postponing the set-up. This weekend I concocted the plan of a gradual set-up to ease them into it. We'll see if it works. So far, so good.
Yesterday, we cleaned the house and rearranged furniture before John and Josiah set up the tree. I had planned to put the lights on the tree after the boys went to bed but put it off because I had hurt my back during the cleaning part of the day.

Previously: Josiah had seen the Christmas Angel tree toppers both at Grandma and Grandpa's house and at church. Sunday morning, as we're heading to the car, Josiah asks me if we can get an angel for our tree. "No", I say, "We have a bow for our tree." Not satisfied Josiah asks again and again and yet again. "Not this year." "We don't need one." "Josiah, I'm not going to buy an angel." Finally, I ask him, "Josiah, do you want an angel or do you want a gift?" I'm not surprised when he chooses a gift.

This morning when I came downstairs ready to tackle the lights, John tells me that Aunt Holly and Uncle Micah had left an angel in our mud room for us. I had told Holly about Josiah's fascination and multiple requests - she blessed us with a beautiful Christmas angel wearing gold and red. Thank you, Holly!

I started to work on the lights! With the angel on top, the lights, the bows and ribbons, our tree is looking great! We'll see how soon and how many other ornaments we add to fill out the tree...

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet story! I love to see how close your family is, and talk about it often to my friends. Isn't Holly sweet?

Aunt Carol