December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Noah!

November 7th marked Noah's first birthday. He did a great job being friendly and welcoming at his party.

In the search for a cute birthday party theme, I discarded the idea of Elmo because of the cost. When shopping for unrelated items, I found party packs featuring Noah's Ark. I couldn't pass it up! I had fun making an Ark cake with animal crackers all around. It was a big hit with the kids!

Noah did NOT care for the candle on his cake. The cake and the icing were yummy though.

Everyone seemed to have fun helping Noah open his present then helping test out the new toys..... We had a fun time visiting, eating, and playing.

What's this? Pretty good.... All done!

Looking at that fire on the cake, Investigating the packages, playing with paper

Checking out the new stuff, playing, and visiting with Grandpa

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