July 29, 2012

Safe In My Arms

My Noah
I woke up to "THEY CAN'T FIND NOAH AT CHURCH!" John was distraught. My mom must have just called. I searched for my shoes and starting praying aloud. "Jesus, you know where he is. Please protect my Noah."
I came downstairs when the phone rang again and John was sobbing, saying "They found him." Where? "He was hiding." Is he okay? "Yes." I sat down. John stayed on the floor, relieved and overwhelmed.
We are so thankful that our son is safe. I'm thankful for friends and family that care and searched.

April 21, 2012

A Personal Challenge

My friend shared this quote with me a few days ago and I've tried to keep it in mind since.


It is such a simple thing. Yet. It can be a challenge.
So many things compete for your attention.
Things that need to be done.
Things you want to do.
Voices everywhere. From your spouse. From the television, the computer, the radio, your internal monologue. Even books are excellent at grabbing attention.
We practice tuning things out in order to concentrate on the priority.
So. My challenge must be to make people and especially my family my top priority.

It seems obvious.
But in the moment when a show is at its climax, when a book has sucked me in to the drama, or a blog post is in progress ... an ant, play dough, or a candle just don't seem as important. And, really, that stuff isn't; however, my child is. My husband is.
People are what matter. And they share themselves in little ways.

My personal challenge:
Listen. Make eye contact. Engage and respond.
I want my family to know that they are important to me.

January 18, 2012

Making the Most of It

As I was packing the lunches for school, Josiah reminded me to send the cookie cake with him. Cookie cake: less messy, more delicious celebration snack for birthdays at school.

I got the treat down and set it on the counter whilst it was still in the grocery bag.

Josiah asked if I had seen the cake. Not grasping the fullness of his question, I pointed out that the cake was there ready to be taken to school. He clarified. "No, look at it. Daddy bought a GIRL cake! He said that was the only one there."

Behold, the flower cookie cake with PINK. Yes, even though Josiah loves to dig and plant... there was no denying that this was indeed a GIRL cake.

We had a few minutes before the bus would be coming so I told Josiah I would see what I could do. I thought about just removing the flowers completely and covering the entire cookie cake with chocolate icing but didn't think the teacher would appreciate the results of the extra sugar. So I did this:

A little transformation and .... it's an aquarium cake! Happy Birthday, Josiah. Enjoy your formerly GIRL cookie cake.

P.S. I know that there's still some pink around the edges. I did say I only had a few minutes. Sheesh.