November 30, 2009

Adopt: to take by choice into a relationship

We have a couple of adoptions in our family tree. I pondered what I should do, how I should record this. What do professional genealogists do in these cases? How should my family tree best reflect this?

In one case, the biological father is unknown but I found the adoptive father. In another circumstance, the biological father and grandparents are known as well as the adoptive dad. I desired to record the biological information as well as the men who were the daddies and gave of their whole selves and their name to their adopted sons.

As I contemplated this, a particular thought came to mind: God's view of adoption. There are two genealogies in the Gospels for Jesus. One is for Mary and one is for Joseph. Neither is deemed more important than the other. In this way, God honored Joseph for being His son's adoptive earthly father. At the same time, we know from where Jesus came since He is God's only begotten Son. We can know the past from where we have come and live in our present position of sonship.

And so, I've determined to follow the adoptive lineages as well as record the known biological lineage giving thanks and honor to the daddies who loved and raised another man's son.

Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him. Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. - I John 3:1-2

November 29, 2009

Cruisin' for a bruisin'
Askin' for trouble
Pushing the envelope
Wishin' for a wuppin'
Testing the limits
Pushing all the buttons
Beggin' for a beatin'
Playing with fire
Pressing his luck
Breaking the rules

What could I possibly be talking about?

Not what.


And the who is Nathan.

Shortly after taking his bath on Saturday, Nathan got the green (and thankfully, washable) poster paint and completely covered the front of himself. I'm talking about his face, shirt, hands, pants, and even his knees through the holes in his pants being John Deere green like a little Hulk. A picture would have been hilarious ... only I didn't see the humor in the moment. I had him strip his clothes off and put them in the bathtub before washing his hands, face and knees with a washcloth.

But that wasn't the end. Put that one in the "Lesson NOT learned" file.

When I came home from work Sunday morning, I found a surly dad cleaning the living room floor and carpet, Nathan in time out, and Josiah helpfully informing me that Nathan broke the whole dozen eggs on the floor. Nice. I chimed in, "Oh well, we had too many eggs anyway." And, yes, I am aware that I'll probably have to take a turn at scrubbing that carpet too.

Of course, Nathan already knows the rules and the consequences. So in answer to the question, "Why did you do this?", there was only one repeated reply: "I don't know!"

In the words of Bill Cosby, this is BRAIN DAMAGE.

Thanksgiving Thought

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. To me, it means a gathering of family for fun, food, games, and remembrances. No pressure. No great expectations. Just us being us. That's good when you're a little quirky.

I can get melancholy thinking of holidays past - remembering family no longer with us, a carefree spirit which now is responsible for others, or hope deferred which has now been fulfilled in a much better way than originally imagined.

It is easy to long for the past; however, the best place to be is Now. Sometimes Now is hard but seasons change, hard times pass. Joy comes.

Thanksgiving this year has been full of children enjoying each others' company ... rather loudly, sharing a meal or four, playing games, visiting and encouraging one another. We are enjoying this time and each other because one day this will be one of those times we look back and remember fondly for this season of our life.

Funny of the day: Aunt Carol asks Josiah, "What are you thankful for?" "I don't know. Why do you ask?", is his casual reply. Hey, man, it's Thanksgiving!

November 19, 2009

Consider the Ant

Heh heh heh heh. So after church last night, Josiah comes home and shows us the project they made in class. He made an ant and he made it "with fur on his back and his belly just like Daddy."

Don't you love it? I laughed and laughed....

And, no, I didn't ask what the purple squiggles are.

November 16, 2009


Josiah brought a note home from school last week saying that his class is beginning to study Europe and would we please send in a family tree including heritage so that the study can be more interesting and relevant to the student.

Okay. I'll just ask my brother who has recorded the family tree. Strike One. Something about not having the program right now to access his information.

No problem. I'll call my parents and find out something. Strike Two. Not much there yet.

Hm. I could contact my cousin. She has done research on my dad's side of the family.... Meanwhile I'll try to find out some info on my own. Home Run! I stumbled upon my mom's father's family lineage which went back to the 1600's in Massachusetts and England.

I was thrilled to learn this bit of history about my great great great great great (yes, that's five greats) grandfather, Joseph Tingley:

"Joseph Tingley and his family were driven from their home by the Hessians. Christian, his wife, and children with their servants took refuge in Schooley's Mountains. Joseph Tingley took his two oldest boys, Ebenezer and Jeremiah, and equipping themselves with flint-lock muskets, powder horns, home spun blankets, etc., set out for the headquarters of General Washington, not far distant. Approaching General Washington, he took off his hat and put it under his arm. Addressing the General he said, `I believe I have the honor of being in the presence of General Washington'. The General replied, `My name is George Washington. Put on your hat, daddy'. `I came to offer you my service and that of my sons, such as it is, to help in this struggle', said grandfather Tingley. `NOBLE OFFERING. Fall in ranks there and at roll call report your names', directed the General.

"The Hessians had taken possession of their house and barn for headquarters, who, on leaving it, left only the bare walls."

Supplied by Leona Gay Tingley-Brewer from Autobiography of Lydia B. Sexton, published by the United Brethren Publishing House, Dayton, OH, 1885

Wow! My ancestor met and fought with George Washington himself!

I posted on Facebook about needing to find family tree information and my cousin and a friend of mine responded. My friend offered me her help and opened a load of information to me!

Since then I have been studiously searching and finding mine and my husband's genealogy. It has become my newest obsession.

Josiah looked at my notebook on Saturday and intoned, "I don't think my teacher wants that many names." I reply, "Oh, I know. This is for me! You're all done. Here's your short version of Grandma and Grandpa, Nona and Papa, and their parents. You have England, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, and Italy."

If anyone needs anything, I'll be passionately writing down names, dates, marriages, and locations of my ancestors.

Please send coffee. Thank you.

November 11, 2009


Earlier today, Nathan who is a huge fan of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 brought his Buzz Lightyear toy to me and asked, "Mom, can you take his arm off?" After looking at what he's holding, I tell him, "Oh, no, Nathan. It's not like in the movie; his arm isn't supposed to come off."

Apparently, he didn't take no for an answer.

Have I ever mentioned that Nathan is a very determined young man?

I found Buzz Lightyear in this state. He looks like he's going into shock! You're going to be okay, Buzz!
My arm! I. must. get. my. arm. A little help here please? 911? Anyone? Woody? HELP!

Please excuse me while I go give Buzz Lightyear a hand.

UPDATE: After a difficult procedure, Buzz's forearm was able to be reattached. The prognosis is good. He should regain full use of his arm. Buzz Lightyear is not taking any questions at this time as he needs his rest in order to have a speedy recovery. He thanks all his fans for their concern, well wishes, and prayers.

My Baby is 2

Knowing that something is up, Noah climbs into the high chair to await whatever is coming next. What are they bringing me? I've had the punch and the popcorn... what's next?
This is the hands-down all-time plainest cake we've ever done for the Perino birthdays. And do you know the reaction of the children? "Cool cake!" If I had only known earlier that all you need are a couple of matchbox cars to make everything perfect!

Noah enjoyed his cake after that scary candle was blown out ... especially the icing part.

He woo'ed and whoa'd at the appropriate times....

and he tried out everything that he could right away including his new toothbrush.

Nathan barely restrained himself from "helping" Noah with the packages.

What's in here?

Noah loves hats!

And animal cookies!

The new Trike was a hit with everyone! All the boys and their cousins took turns on it.

As the party wound down, Noah changed into his new jammies.

Bedtime was written all over their faces.

Happy Birthday, Noah!

November 8, 2009

Whatsa Matter?

This is my nephew. Isn't he cute? Yes, he's crying. Nobody would let him finish off the birthday cake and he is so hungry. Wouldn't you be crying too?

I think it could be that he was tired and coming off a sugar high. And that cake was so darn delicious; he just wanted a couple more pieces. Is that so much to ask? Yes. Yes, it is. And so the tears came.

And I am such a compassionate aunt that I said, "Wait! Wait! Let me get my camera. Go on, Eli. Let is all out! Let me see those tears." You know that they say sometimes it's best to cry it out. I was only trying to be helpful to my nephew.


I admit: I had to take my nephew's picture while he was crying because my brother (pictured above) loves to snap photos of my children anytime that they start crying around him.

It only seems fair....

And I was trying to help....

Hey. I threw the party; I took the pictures. It's what I do.

Man! No sense of humor around here...

November 5, 2009

To Do Lists and Giveaways

My "baby" will be 2 years old on Saturday! There is a list of things to accomplish before his party on Sunday. Cleaning my house is at the top of the list. Baking the cake seems important too. Also, assembling his new tricycle (which I won via a giveaway) is a necessity! Noah is going to love it!

Thinking of winning and giveaways, The Football Wife is at it again! She is giving away cute organizational products from Carolina Pad. Click here to check out the giveaway and enter to win! I just love paper goods! And who can't use a bit more organization?

I know, I know. You're thinking, "Why don't you give away anything, Sarah?" Maybe I will... someday... when I get more comments or something. Bwah ha ha!

Rules and Guidelines

There are a few things that my children need to learn before engaging in these activities for real.
When driving, keep your hands on the wheel at all times.

Always buckle your safety belt especially if you are in the front seat.

Never attempt to stand in a rocking and bucking 4x4 vehicle.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT stand behind a horse and check out his tail.

And I don't know how you play skee ball where you live...

but I'm pretty sure that THIS is CHEATING!

November 4, 2009

Caught in the Act

Here is more evidence in the case of John's Pepsi affair. Exhibit C - 11/01/09, John can't keep his mouth off the Pepsi bottle

Always More to Learn

Things I learned from David and Afi, my Ghanaian friends, this week:
1. Soup isn't soup unless it has a tomato base. Otherwise, it's stew or brew.

2. There are sixty main languages in Ghana. (That's 6-0).

3. A ripe plantain is yellow and brown (but not too brown) and soft (but not too soft).

4. Peanut butter is the main ingredient in a soup.

5. Chicken in said soup doesn't have to be broken up or pulled apart - at all.

6. Dried fish is a staple in Ghana but has never been heard of at Wegmans.

7. There are just as many cultures as there are languages in Ghana.

8. There are 2,000 main languages in Africa. That's main languages, not all of them.

9. Three and a half hours of cooking is cooking fast.

10. Our chicken meat is soft.

11. Afi speaks five languages.

12. David speaks four languages.

13. If you want to learn facts about a nation, you can go to and click on World Factbook.

14. Afi cooks by taste and feel rather than measuring but I have four of her "recipes" now.

15. I learned what ginger looks like and several ways to use it.

We had a wonderful week spending some time with David and Afi. I hope the next visit isn't another two years away!