November 16, 2009


Josiah brought a note home from school last week saying that his class is beginning to study Europe and would we please send in a family tree including heritage so that the study can be more interesting and relevant to the student.

Okay. I'll just ask my brother who has recorded the family tree. Strike One. Something about not having the program right now to access his information.

No problem. I'll call my parents and find out something. Strike Two. Not much there yet.

Hm. I could contact my cousin. She has done research on my dad's side of the family.... Meanwhile I'll try to find out some info on my own. Home Run! I stumbled upon my mom's father's family lineage which went back to the 1600's in Massachusetts and England.

I was thrilled to learn this bit of history about my great great great great great (yes, that's five greats) grandfather, Joseph Tingley:

"Joseph Tingley and his family were driven from their home by the Hessians. Christian, his wife, and children with their servants took refuge in Schooley's Mountains. Joseph Tingley took his two oldest boys, Ebenezer and Jeremiah, and equipping themselves with flint-lock muskets, powder horns, home spun blankets, etc., set out for the headquarters of General Washington, not far distant. Approaching General Washington, he took off his hat and put it under his arm. Addressing the General he said, `I believe I have the honor of being in the presence of General Washington'. The General replied, `My name is George Washington. Put on your hat, daddy'. `I came to offer you my service and that of my sons, such as it is, to help in this struggle', said grandfather Tingley. `NOBLE OFFERING. Fall in ranks there and at roll call report your names', directed the General.

"The Hessians had taken possession of their house and barn for headquarters, who, on leaving it, left only the bare walls."

Supplied by Leona Gay Tingley-Brewer from Autobiography of Lydia B. Sexton, published by the United Brethren Publishing House, Dayton, OH, 1885

Wow! My ancestor met and fought with George Washington himself!

I posted on Facebook about needing to find family tree information and my cousin and a friend of mine responded. My friend offered me her help and opened a load of information to me!

Since then I have been studiously searching and finding mine and my husband's genealogy. It has become my newest obsession.

Josiah looked at my notebook on Saturday and intoned, "I don't think my teacher wants that many names." I reply, "Oh, I know. This is for me! You're all done. Here's your short version of Grandma and Grandpa, Nona and Papa, and their parents. You have England, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, and Italy."

If anyone needs anything, I'll be passionately writing down names, dates, marriages, and locations of my ancestors.

Please send coffee. Thank you.

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Jessica and Jason said...

What a great thing to be obsessed with. Family trees are so interesting. Keep posting what you find!