July 19, 2010

Racing Report

Our family went to the Lake Erie Speedway this weekend. There was noise, cars, speed, noise, spin outs, breakdowns, noise, wrecks, and bleachers.

I think the boys liked the races. I am certain that they loved the bleachers. My conversation went a lot like this: Oh my cow! Can you sit still please! Look at those cars. Sit. Here. Which one do you think will win? Stop bumping the people in front of us. Did you see that? Hold still. Get him over here! I missed what happened. Your car came in last again, John.

We ended up leaving early (which was already past the boys' bedtime) but we had watched several short races.

The next morning I had Josiah write in his journal. (I'm trying to keep him in the practice of writing while school is out...unlike me.) He wrote something like this: Last night we went to the race track. I brought my money but my mom told me I couldn't buy anything. Really?? That's what stuck out to you? Not the wrecks? the spin outs? the cars? Well... glad I could make an impression.