June 18, 2010

Brown Nosing Comes Naturally

Sometimes you get appreciation when you least expect it.

Not long ago, Nathan asked me if they could go outside. I told him and Eli, "Sure. You can go in the backyard." Most often this is followed by a whiny "But I want to go out front!" (If you have children, I'm sure you can imagine the sound of this statement accurately.) However, this time Nathan exclaimed, "Oh, THANK you, Mommy! That is so nice! I really like you for my mommy!"

What? Where did that come from? And please keep it coming. Thank you.

June 7, 2010


My nephew, Eli, caught his first catfish! HUGE. LIKE A FOOT LONG! Only it wasn't.
Amazing how a little perspective changes things...

Actually, things are still the same; now you just know the true size of the matter.
(Eli still didn't want to get anywhere near that fish though.)

June 4, 2010

Tough Yet Sensitive

Our family went to the park last Saturday evening. The boys played on the playground, ran on the tennis courts, and ventured toward the trees. Then we did it. We walked through the woods to the other side of the park to play on the other playground, the old playground (which is more fun than the new playground).

The path through the woods is wide and well worn as well as full of mosquitoes. Okay. Maybe not full but I was bit twice. Twice in a short little walk. And as we walked I noticed a little bump on Josiah's eyelid. "Josiah, I think a mosquito bit your eyelid! Did you feel that?" No. He was oblivious and even after I pointed it out, he could hardly tell it was there. I was amazed that he didn't feel the bump on his eyelid that looked sort of like a blister but not as transparent. One other thought that occurred to me was that I couldn't see a bite mark in the middle of the bump. Then we were distracted by cool things like lots of playing, walking, and watching a father and son practice batting before going home and getting the boys in bed.

Little did I know that things would be different in the morning....

One glance and "WHOA! Um. Josiah, your eye is swollen." *flashback to the little eyelid bump* When I asked about it, he said it didn't hurt and it itched just a little bit. I gave him some children's allergy medicine hoping that would relieve the swelling. Josiah was embarrassed at the thought of going to church like that and started searching for his pirate eye patch. Soon I noticed scraps of paper laying around. Hm. It wasn't long until I head an outcry from Josiah; Nathan had grabbed and crumpled the eye patch Josiah had been making for himself. It was then that I realized just how self-conscious Josiah was feeling. His self awareness is developing and shutting out the carefree obliviousness.

So he and I started afresh and made an eye patch together. I cut it out and found a strap. He came up with a clever way to attach the strap and decorated the front. Then we attached a cotton ball on the inside for comfort. Perfect.

Only it wasn't over. Josiah's eyelid was still red and swollen and almost swollen shut for awhile. We decided to wait it out and just make sure that whatever it was wasn't spreading. (Why do these things always seem to happen when the doctor's office is closed?) Finally, on Monday we could see improvement but Josiah still cocked his head to the side in order to look at you since his eye wouldn't open all the way.

With his top front tooth missing, a bottom front tooth missing, AND his eye swollen, he looked like he had been in a serious fight. Belinda said that he should have a shirt saying "YOU SHOULD SEE THE OTHER GUY."

At least with the noticeable improvement, the worrying and wondering came to an end. And eventually the swelling did too.

I'm not sure if we'll get Josiah back into the woods anytime soon...

June 1, 2010

Blogger's Block

You may have noticed that I haven't had much to share lately. No, that's incorrect. I just haven't shared much. I'm hogging my kids and their cuteness. Not intentionally, no. I think I have blogger's block. (You know, like writer's block?)

Today I was reading a friend's blog and she had two, no three good reports and I LOVE good reports. (especially when they are a long time coming). I left this comment:

I love hearing good reports! We should set up a service that searches out, confirms, then passes along good reports. Kind of like the News... but the opposite since they mainly deal in BAD reports and broadcast to millions (they hope) at once and my service would be more personal. A phone call. A note. A special delivery.

Then I thought to myself... maybe I should stop slacking off and start blogging again. I love sharing the joys in life, the blessings in the midst of difficulties, the humor of having kids, and, well, whatever comes to mind.

In keeping with the good reports...
Last night, my cat used his scratching pad instead of my carpet. (gasp) Miracles happen all the time. Okay, so that isn't a miracle but it is good and miracles DO happen.