June 18, 2010

Brown Nosing Comes Naturally

Sometimes you get appreciation when you least expect it.

Not long ago, Nathan asked me if they could go outside. I told him and Eli, "Sure. You can go in the backyard." Most often this is followed by a whiny "But I want to go out front!" (If you have children, I'm sure you can imagine the sound of this statement accurately.) However, this time Nathan exclaimed, "Oh, THANK you, Mommy! That is so nice! I really like you for my mommy!"

What? Where did that come from? And please keep it coming. Thank you.


Bethany said...

Could you could share what kind of drugs you are giving your kids to illicit such a response? I could use a kind word from mine.

Laura said...

Hahaha...he wants something obviously. ;)

Marie said...

Share your secrets!!!!