September 5, 2011

The 1,2,3's of Potty Training

Here is the simplest advice I have for training your child to use the toilet.

First: Learn to count higher, much higher. In my experience, this ain't no 1,2,3.

Second: Teach your child to change their own diaper. Yeah, they don't like it either.

Third: Encourage your child to always seek out your spouse for the needed diaper/pull up change. If this doesn't help enlist your spouse's potty training assistance at least it will spare you some diaper changes.

Fourthly: Don't give up. It will happen eventually.

Fifthly: Try bribery. Chocolate and stickers can work wonders.

Sixthly: If your child has successes after coming home from someone's house, send them back there often.

Seventhly: Don't give up. I know that was number 4 but sometimes you need a reminder.

And, finally, when your child does get it (which they will... eventually) and he says, "I'm going to go poopy on the potty. Will you be so glad?" respond emphatically, "I WILL be SO glad!"

Congratulations, Noah, on your achievement!