November 4, 2009

Always More to Learn

Things I learned from David and Afi, my Ghanaian friends, this week:
1. Soup isn't soup unless it has a tomato base. Otherwise, it's stew or brew.

2. There are sixty main languages in Ghana. (That's 6-0).

3. A ripe plantain is yellow and brown (but not too brown) and soft (but not too soft).

4. Peanut butter is the main ingredient in a soup.

5. Chicken in said soup doesn't have to be broken up or pulled apart - at all.

6. Dried fish is a staple in Ghana but has never been heard of at Wegmans.

7. There are just as many cultures as there are languages in Ghana.

8. There are 2,000 main languages in Africa. That's main languages, not all of them.

9. Three and a half hours of cooking is cooking fast.

10. Our chicken meat is soft.

11. Afi speaks five languages.

12. David speaks four languages.

13. If you want to learn facts about a nation, you can go to and click on World Factbook.

14. Afi cooks by taste and feel rather than measuring but I have four of her "recipes" now.

15. I learned what ginger looks like and several ways to use it.

We had a wonderful week spending some time with David and Afi. I hope the next visit isn't another two years away!

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