October 30, 2009

Lil Afternoon Pick Me Up

Tonight is the beginning of my second weekend of work. I've finally found a job that appreciates my skill set as a mom! Working the sleepover shift, I wake up every few hours just to make sure everything is as it should be and I assist one who needs to get up at night. It's just like being at home... only... not being at my home. It's like not-my-home away from home. If it were like my home, it would be messy a great deal of the time. So... anyway.... I like my new job!

My first night there was pretty sleepless because I was getting used to a new job and being in a house with its own unique noises and because I drank coffee in the afternoon. So I thought I should definitely not drink coffee in the afternoon before work but then I opened the refrigerator and saw that my husband bought me some Vanilla Caramel Brownie coffee creamer! I'll be trying that just as soon as my coffeemaker is finished with my fresh pot. Yep! I recommend trying it yourself -- that or the Belgian Chocolate Toffee or the Caramel something-or-other that I'm out of right now. I may need to do a test taste of coffee creamers today. Who needs sleep anyway?

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