October 10, 2009

Brain Freeze

Do you ever have a problem with words? Not worms. Words. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I know the word I want to use and it's just not clear to me; it's on the tip of my keyboard.

This morning I wanted to use the word collaborators. I started to type it then realized I couldn't remember how to spell it. No problem, I'll just sound it out. Corraburators didn't look right. The more I tried to sound it out the worse my brain tried to pronounce it. I could no longer say the word that I wanted to use. Corrabulate. Coraburator. Corwabuwate. Corwabulate. Corlatchulate. Carburetor! No. That's a car part. Corroborate! Yes! That's it! Wait a minute.... that means to back up information or vouch. I wanted a "person to work with me". No wonder I was having such a hard time! I knew the word I wanted but my brain was on another word altogether! Think, Brain. Nonplussed, I simply used the word contributors instead. The substitute word worked in my situation but my sentence could have been so much better had my brain been cooperating with me!

If your brain is not cooperating with you, for whatever reason, you can go to http://thesaurus.reference.com/ It's such a nice reference tool. For example, it you type carberator instead of carburetor, it politely tells you "Did you mean creator? generator? curator? cabaret? carbonate? ..... collaborator? YES! COLLABORATOR is exactly what I wanted at the beginning of all this. Thank you, Thesaurus.reference.com. You are so thoughtful and patient!

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Elizabeth Saunders said...

I have often said to myself and many other "When does Alzhiemer's really begin?". Seriously! Just today, I called up my Dad and Mom on my way home from work. Only, somewhere between dialing my cell phone and it ringing, I forgot what or why I was calling them! Just as my Dad said hello, I began to say "I know this is going to sound rediculous, but"...and then it happened!!! It popped back into my brain the reason for which I called! I stopped after the "but" and proceeded to tell him how excited I was that we were getting our very own ALDI's in Grand Prairie, TX!!! (Just 5 minutes from my house!!) Then digressed to finish telling him I had forgotten what I was calling about right up to the last second of him greeting me with his "hello". Which of course he got a big chuckle out of! And I stated once again, "when does Alzhiemer's really begin?"
I won't bore you with the chain of thoughts that peculiarly led my forgotten thoughts back to the reason for which I had called. So, alas, I still wonder how the experts know the difference between memory overload, dimenssia(sorry if that's mis-spelled), or Alzhiemer's?. I shall now leave you to ponder this complex disection.