October 13, 2009


Josiah found a quarter at the base of the viewing machine on one of our trips to The Monument. He was so excited! He even shared a little bit of his viewing time with me. As I peered through the viewer, I thought, "This is awkward and you can't see things very well either!" Then I paid attention to which side of the viewer Josiah had shared with me. It was the other side! I quickly turned it around, tested the view, and then gave it back to Josiah so that he could see the bay up close for just a couple of seconds longer. Oh well.

It didn't bother Josiah though. He was still excited at having found a quarter to use in the machine. Thinking of the joy that quarter brought him, I would like to be the kind of thoughtful person who leaves a quarter behind for the next curious and hopeful child. But I may have to start by occasionally carrying quarters for my own children.

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