October 12, 2009

The Collector

Noah has started a rock collection. As we walked around Port Farm last weekend, he stopped frequently to pick up a particular rock from among the several hundred other similar rocks along the pathway. My concern was that we may never get to our destination with so many rocks between point A and point B. Therefore, I tried to walk in the grass as much as possible!

The day after our Port Farm adventure, I picked up Noah's windbreaker and was surprised that his lightweight jacket had become a heavy duty jacket! His pockets were filled with what seemed like two pounds of rocks. He is very proud of his rocks too and will often take one out of his jacket pocket, look at it, show it off to someone, then carefully return it. I don't know where he gets it......

See my rock?

That totally reminds of the cool buckeyes I found during one of my walks a couple weeks ago! I found and picked up two buckeyes out of their shell and two buckeyes that were still in their shells. Buckeyes! How exciting! "I'll just bring these home and add them to my acorns that I found last week and the other unknown, peculiar looking seedpod nut thingy I found before that." Aren't they fabulous? I think I will keep them forever...

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