October 8, 2009

Monumental Fun

Ah! Perry's Monument. Does this look like a fun destination to you? Well, it has graduated to the top of our list of places to go. "Mom! Can we go to the monument?" You may wonder, "What's so great about going to a monument?"

Let's see.... It's pretty.

There is a lot of room to run.

You can read about a lot of fun historical facts such as:
*Admiral Oliver Perry's middle name was Hazard,
*Someone thought ahead and figured out a way to get two large fighting ships over a sandbar with only 4 feet of clearance,
*Admiral Perry totally bluffed the British into believing he was battle ready so they retreated and then he whooped them.
*Reporting to Gen. William H. Harrison, Admiral Perry said, "We have met the enemy and they are ours" I love that quote!

BUT the funnest part of the monument for my boys is the climbing!

Everyone loves to climb.

And survey their domain after climbing.

Climbing isn't possible during the summer because they fill this "moat" with water. The nerve.

"Can you get me outta here!"
In the end, make sure you have an exit strategy.

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