October 5, 2009

My Kind of Farm

Saturday was our much anticipated trip to Port Farms. We planned to ride giant trikes, play in the corn bin, race down the slides, lose ourselves in the corn maze, roast hot dogs, climb on the straw fort..... and much more.

John and I drove separately since his car was loaded with dinner supplies. I was so tired starting out that I had to really focus on the road to stay awake. When I told Josiah I was sleepy he asked me, "You want me to drive for you, Mom?" Well, I didn't get any pictures of him driving..... since I turned down his offer by saying, "Ha ha! You're so funny!"

Soon after arriving and greeting friends and family that were already there, we checked out the slides. They were as big a hit as last year!

We trekked up the hill.

And we raced back down the slides. Again and again. Josiah found this cool digging toy!

The giant corn bin was one of our favorites!

You could make corn angels,

You could sink into the corn,

You could bury yourself,

Or you could bury someone else.

We found a lot of corn kernels in our clothes throughout the day.

After playing for some time, we took a dinner break. We ate hot dogs, chips, banana bread, pumpkin bread, grapes, submarine sandwiches, popcorn and, of course, marshmallows.
And then we had seconds.
This is my mom pretending to be a scarecrow. She's much too pretty for that though.

If you look at the closeup here, you can see the gap where Josiah's tooth used to be!

But that wasn't on Josiah's mind as he climbed and ran and jumped all over the straw fort.
The guys and I went on the hayride three times during the day!
And we liked it. A lot.

Another trek into the corn maze was in order as the day was winding down.

Then we made time for one more activity on our way out. Tricycle racing! I'm pretty sure I won... because I like winning and there wasn't an official race but there definitely was racing so.... I WON.

Nathan has been watching me choose photos and says, "I wanna go play in the corn again."
We will. Oh yes, we will.

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