October 6, 2009

Submitting the Evidence

Today, I will explore the theory that John "tricked" me into marrying him by pretending to be something he is not. Let me explain. When I first got to know John, he was a Pepsi drinker. I, myself, am a Dr Pepper drinker. As we became friends and his pursuit of my heart began, he started laying aside the Pepsi and drinking Dr Pepper. Now I understand there may have been a lot of pressure on him in this area. After all, my brothers and I all drink Dr Pepper. Naturally, I began to think that John must be a sensible person to switch from Pepsi to Dr Pepper.

I came across this photographic evidence of John with his new favorite soda, Dr Pepper, in hand. This picture was taken on the eve of our wedding.
Exhibit A - 10-05-01

I believe it was within our first year together that John started switching back to Pepsi. He claimed that Dr Pepper was giving him a "headache". Highly suspicious if you ask me. At this time, he will only drink Dr Pepper if he is desperate for a caffeine fix! A coincidence? I think NOT!

Exhibit B - The empty Pepsi carton

And so I must conclude that this man whom I married tricked me into believing he was a Dr Pepper drinker in order that my affections would more likely warm toward him. (I will admit that he was wise to use any asset available to win my heart.) In spite of this beverage betrayal, I still love him. And since there was no Dr Pepper/Pepsi clause in our marriage covenant, I will simply have to accept that he is (and probably always was) a Pepsi drinker. At least now he is open about his love for Pepsi.

The up side of this lamentable affair: There is more Dr Pepper for me!

P.S. I know that this will not be enough evidence for some of you. I will find more. Yes. I will find more.


Jessica and Jason said...

QUITE interesting...

Elizabeth said...

That's awesome! I agree, however mischievious, with the sentiment that he had to use all meens necessary to capture(and keep)your attention and heart!
I, too, was blinded by a very zealous Mr. Brian Saunders! When we were dating, he claimed he no longer liked football, because he had a bad coach his junior year and,consequently, refused to play his senior year. Well, alas, it was all a farce! Until about last year's start of the football season, our home was free from football watching or football discussion! Then a little at a time, he expressed an intrest in watching a Cowboy's game here and there. To planning which church service time slot would cause him to miss the least amount of his Cowboys! But wait! It gets better! Then, by the middle of the season, he had to watch "Inside the NFL" on HBO! When HBO dropped the program, Showtime picked it up. At the time, we had HBO free from a promotional thing; and did not have Showtime. So, you guessed it, he expressed his wish for us to start getting Showtime. Normally, that channel would cost an extra $14.00 a month. I was NOT OKAY with this! So, when I explained the dilemma to the cable company, the "guy" customer service represenative, understood the problem; and was happy to exchange the free HBO for Showtime free! So now, after the first 7 years of being a football free home, we have football nearly every Sunday, and some Monday nights!
So... Ican affirmatively say, I know your suspision! However, it definitely worked out for the best! Seeing as how now, more than ever, I love him more than 10 or so years ago I could've imagined was ever possible!
Have a very happy, and love-filled, anniversary!!!
Your bamboozled (but blessed)cousin,

kallay said...

Hahaha!! Too funny... photographic evidence. I love it.

Happy Saturday Sharefest!