October 19, 2009

A Good Gourd Day

The large pumpkin in our house survived unscathed for two weeks but calls for its transformation had increased after the introduction of three small pumpkins into our household last weekend. It seemed that every day I heard the questions, "When are we going to carve the pumpkins? Can we carve pumpkins now?" Therefore, Saturday became our Pumpkin Day.

The boys were thrilled to get out the pumpkin carving kit and choose what kind of design they wanted! However, the excitement was notably less for the work of removing the seeds and goo from within the pumpkin. These same boys who play in sand, mud, floam, play dough, and other goo declared that they didn't want to touch the pumpkin guts! "Ew. It's gross!" they asserted. Even John left the seed removal to me; he was waiting to do the cutting. (Reminder: "we" means "you".)

After "we" removed the seeds and set them aside for later roasting, John set to work on the big pumpkin.
And I began work on Nathan's pumpkin with his choice of happy face. I threw the teeth in there free of charge.
Our young supervisors asked us many questions during this time all the while making certain the pumpkins were carved according to their standards.

After we completed the pumpkin transformation, we searched the house for candles so that we could appreciate fully the finished product.

Tah dah! The pumpkins are finished. Then it was time to cook down the remaining little pumpkin and bake a pumpkin pie. While the pie was cooling, Josiah asked me when we were going to roast the pumpkin seeds. "We" are going to do that another day.


Kristen said...

Your pumpkins look awesome. I didn't know that they actually had pumpkin carving kits. We just did ours this weekend, and it was literally my first pumpkin carving experience and I am now hooked!

Nona said...

These blogs are WONDERFUL!!!! You all did such a FANTASTIC job carving....so glad we bought Martha last Halloween!! Maybe when Joe comes home he will want to try his hand with the kit!!! Great Job Perino's!!!!