October 14, 2009

Cash for Cluckers

Meeting Pastor Reuben, who is a former Franciscan monk, and his daughter, Noami, was a delight. He shared with us his love for Jesus and his love for the people of his valley in the Dominican Republic. This valley is impoverished and that is not like any concept we tend to think of as poor; they had nothing. There was no water so Pastor Reuben dug a well. Many don't have houses so Pastor Reuben builds homes one at a time. There wasn't much food so he built a bakery and planted farms. There isn't much meat so he will buy people chickens. Each act of love is provided by giving people who want to be a part of showing love to these people.

One story that particularly touched my heart was of a little boy who stayed pretty much to himself and his only friend was a chicken. He loved his chicken but one day, his father, not realizing how much that chicken meant to his son, killed it so that they could have meat to eat. The boy was devastated and, even as young as he is, tried to kill himself by cutting his wrist because of the grief over losing his only friend. Pastor Reuben talked with him and continues to show him kindness and love and gave him not one but two chickens to help heal his broken heart. These chickens were given with strict instructions insuring their safety and long lives.

After hearing from Pastor Reuben about the valley in which he lives and works, Belinda had the idea of creating a new program for the kids' class at church: Cash for Cluckers. The children are learning about giving and from October to February, the kids will bring in their change or cash to raise money which is designated to buy chickens for the people of this Dominican valley. The "offering plate" is a chicken that Belinda created from a bleach bottle. Isn't it adorable?
Josiah was asked to be the first official chicken holder during the offering on Sunday. All the children seem excited to be a part of this ministry. Already, enough cash has been given to buy nearly 5 chickens!

In February, a team of people will go to the Dominican Republic and one of the many things they will do is deliver the Cash for Cluckers to Pastor Reuben.

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