December 5, 2008

Josiah the astronaut

Josiah had a school project in October. In the classroom, they had been talking about community helpers. Each student chose a community helper which they would research over the next few days then present what they learned to the rest of the class. They could do their presentation in costume if they so desired. (As if they wouldn't so desire.) Josiah chose to be an astronaut.
An astronaut? I think. Couldn't he have been a fireman or a farmer which we have an abundance of dress-up things? I was trying to figure out how to put together a costume resembling an astronaut. That Saturday, Josiah went out with his friend, Marcie, and while they were out they found a great costume at the party store. Yay! Thank you, Marcie!
We delve into astronauts. We read our book together about space and space shuttles, we watch movies such as Apollo 13 and Rocketman (heh heh), and we spend time on NASA's website. NASA is very helpful with lots of information, videos, games.

These are the questions to which he had to find the answers:
What is their job?
What tools do they use?
What schooling do astronauts need?
What do they like best about their job?
What don't they like about their job?

We found all the answers and prepared for the big day. I'd tell you all the answers if it wouldn't take up so much space! There's a LOT of schooling involved. He was so excited that morning; he could hardly hold still. I only wish I could have seen him in action.

Ready for space exploration.

Josiah isn't camera shy when he's taking the pictures.

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