May 14, 2009

School Day

We had the opportunity to experience class time with Josiah. They had been learning about the rain forests.

Josiah's teacher, Mrs. Spicher, read a story to us.

John, Josiah, and I sat together to listen to the story. See, Jessica?

The students sang a song about the rain forests' layers.

Tune: "If you're happy and you know it"
There are four layers in the rainforest.
There are four layers in the rainforest.
Forest floor, understory, canopy, emergent
There are four layers in the rainforest.

Then we were able to taste test the food products from the rain forests. Josiah is trying coconut and chocolate.

After we tasted something, we marked whether we liked it or disliked it. This is the chocolate sheet. It looks like there was only one "dislike." Smart people! Josiah told me it was one of his classmates that doesn't like chocolate. Really? Go figure.

We had bananas, coconut, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, macadamia nuts, sweet potatoes, cashews, and more. The most unpopular were the plantains. You really have to cook those!

My brother, Micah, tried a lemon.

I think he marked "like."
I took the remaining part of my lemon home with me as a special treat for Nathan. He loves them!

When he finished it, he asked for more. Wow. I like my lemons in water or with other food.

It was a fun experience and I learned that the rain forests must be preserved ... because they produce chocolate.

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