May 22, 2009

Reawakening Talent

This month I went to an art show and it wasn't just any art show. This was for our seasoned citizens who are 55 and older to display their talent. And my mom's paintings were on display!

Thirty years ago my mom painted and this year, she began to paint again. Holly encouraged her in this endeavor by telling her about the show and giving her new art supplies for Christmas. Mom entered two paintings into the art show. Yeah! She and I met Holly at the opening to see all the entries.

There was pencil, acrylic, oil, photography and watercolors. I took pictures of our favorites.

There were many from which to choose. It was hard to choose just one for the the People's Choice award entry form. I loved the pencil and colored pencils. Holly really liked the yellow flowers done with oil. My mom's favorite was the water which was also done with oil paint.
After the paintings had been entered, Josiah said to me, "I hope Grandma wins a prize." Since I had already heard the news that she didn't, I let Josiah know that she didn't win anything this time. His response: "How could anyone make prettier paintings than Grandma?!" Well said, Josiah.

This is my mom next to her paintings. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next... and hopefully learning a thing or twenty from her. Way to go, Mom!

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