May 13, 2009

Little Something on the Side

The men of the family cooked for us on Mother's Day. There were steaks, hamburgers, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, ice cream cake, and veggies with dip. There were even strawberries because, well, I requested them. I love strawberries.

As I was helping rinse and cut the strawberries, Josiah commented that we should have brought the chocolate fountain. Mmm.... chocolate covered strawberries. "That's a great idea, Josiah, but we didn't buy any chocolate to put into the fountain." Once Uncle Micah heard that idea though he got things rolling. John and Micah went to my house to get the chocolate fountain and then to the grocery store to get delicious chocolate. It was a chocolate fest! Kids had chocolate all over their faces ...and shirts ...and hands ...and the counter ...and the floor. Chocolate was available for the reaching! They tried to see how much chocolate they could fit on the strawberries. They coated their fingers. Josiah even ate chocolate covered carrots and declared they were delicious. Yep, I didn't try that combination.

When they weren't feasting on chocolate, the kids played outside while the men grilled and set the table. At some point, a vase of "flowers" appeared on the table. There was a sign in front that read, "1$ for Momr's bay". Josiah was selling some flowering weeds from the backyard. He offered them to Grandpa but my dad didn't want to pay for something from his own backyard. Go figure. Have a heart, Grandpa! It wasn't until Nona and Papa came over for a little while that Josiah had his first (and only) sale of the day. Nona bought a flower then asked him what kind of flower it was. He carefully avoided the word weed. "I don't know, Nona, but don't plant it with your other flowers because it will kill them. ...... You have to put it in a vase with water."

I like your style, Josiah.

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