June 27, 2009

Walking Solo

The phone rang as I was getting ready for my morning walk. According to the caller I.D. it was Holly and I assumed she was calling to make sure I was walking this morning since I was late.
The phone call went like this:
Me: Hello?
Holly: Hi. Do you know that Cairo is at our house?
Me: *confused* What?
Holly: She's on my porch.
Me: *bewildered* MY DOG is at YOUR HOUSE?
Holly: At least I think it's Cairo... Let me check.
Me: Alright.
Holly: Yes, it's Cairo. Her name is on her tag.
Me: *amazed* Okay..... Well, I'm about ready to come over.
Holly: I don't have a leash. Will she stay with me?
Me: You can try. She might.
Holly: Okay. See you soon.
Me: Bye.

I went outside to ask John if he had seen Cairo this morning. He says, "No. Was she outside all night?" Then I relayed the phone call to him. (At various times I have woken up in the night wondering if she was still outside but always found her sleeping somewhere in the house.) Apparently Cairo stayed outside all night and at some point in the night or early morning walked to Holly's house which is one mile away. "Somebody is going to let me in..."

This is Cairo laying on Holly and Micah's front porch.

Here she is home again, sticking her tongue out at me.

So I met Holly and Cairo for our morning walk. Cairo was so very happy to see me or so I imagine. As we walked, I wondered which path she took to Holly's place. Did she meander? Did she know the direct way by walking home from there? Did she look both ways before crossing the streets? Were any dogs mean to her? I noticed that she was jumpy; she is usually so calm and cool as we walk, ignoring most distractions. I checked her for injuries but she seems fine other than being a little skittish. If only I could hear her story.

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Elizabeth said...

Your story of Cairo reminds me of the many, many adventures of Bo. How the pound used to call you guys and let you know where he was. Or, how he new the quickest way to DQ to get the free ice cream cone he just KNEW Bo (the owner) had for him and then get back home just in time to get caught with the trace evidence on his muzzle! LOL, good times!!!