June 17, 2009


I bought a bike and it only cost 300 cents! Seriously. What a deal. (Did you think I was going to say 300 dollars? *much laughter*) Josiah is ready to try riding without training wheels and Nathan is getting close to the age where he will want a bike too. After spotting the little bike at a garage sale, Josiah and I walked back to have a closer look. I determined that my three dollars would be a good investment.

John and Josiah prepared the bike for riding by inflating the tires and checking the brakes.

Josiah likes Daddy helping him the best. Apparently, I didn't do it right because I refused to hold the steering wheel and would only hold the seat insisting that steering the bike himself would help him learn how to balance quicker. He's a good boy ... taking my 'No More Injuries' rule so seriously. Even when we haven't been able to help him, Josiah has been outside practicing and telling me of his triumphs when he rides a few inches or feet. Way to go, Josiah!

There is one set of training wheels between the two small bikes that we now have. Nathan will ride one with training wheels when Josiah has learned to ride his bike without assistance. Which bike will be whose is still in question but there's no need for a quick decision since Nathan has something against pedals. He prefers to power his riding toys by foot power much like the Flintstones. Nathan also has something against sitting on a swing and insists that he swing on his belly. He has a few little humorous quirks. Who doesn't? I love how uniquely God creates each of us!

Did I mention this is a stunt bike? See? It can even stand upside down. Amazing, I know.

Did you notice the helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads? When I was a kid, the neighborhood would have ridiculed, laughed, or at least gawked at anyone wearing all this gear. "Poor kid. His parents must be really paranoid.." I remember riding my bike with training wheels until they literally fell off. My remaining wobbly training wheel, which had acted only as a sort of security blanket, fell off while I was riding down the steep, block-long hill on Karen Avenue. I remember being so proud of myself when I realized that I had conquered the hill and the cross traffic after the hill without assistance. That was an awesome day. It was about time! Nevertheless, I'm thankful for the protective gear these days and I even think it's rather cute .... but not cute enough to get my own set.

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