June 8, 2009

Self Haircut

Josiah cut his hair with his school scissors on Friday. First, he cut his hair. Secondly, he's not even supposed to use scissors without permission. Two wrongs. They didn't make a right.

I saw his head and said, "You know I'm going to have to cut your hair very short to even it out some. Why did you do that?" He didn't know, of course. (He never seems to know why he cuts things with scissors....) So this is as short as we went. Heh heh heh. He has been very fond of hats the last couple of days, more so than usual.

On Saturday, Josiah wasn't feeling well. He was so tired that he was just sitting in one of his brothers' strollers. After eating a blue Popsicle, his lips were a very pale blue. With the hair, the fatigue, and the lips, he could have been a poster child for some disease! At least it won't take long for his hair to grow in.

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