June 8, 2009

Lack of Communication

Apparently, Noah didn't get the memo. You know? The "No more stitches!" memo?

He fell and busted his lip. He is at the hospital right now. My heart is aching for him.

I tried to stop the bleeding, administered some Tylenol, and gave him an ice cold juice bottle. He was calm by the time he and John left. Little ones in pain have an extra helping of compassion from me. All they know is that it hurts. I hope that this passes quickly for Noah.

Update: The doctors in the E.R. had John take Noah to the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists to see a doctor with plastics experience. The first specialist to look at him wanted to do surgery today but the second doctor thought we should wait and see how it heals on its own. Since he is so little, he would have to go to the surgery center and be put to sleep for the surgery. The surgery they are talking about would be some sort of skin graft. On Friday, we'll return to the specialists to see how things are progressing and if any further action is necessary. As of now, they prescribed an ointment to put on twice a day *cringe* and warned us that things will look a lot worse before they start looking better. Noah is doing fine and seems oblivious to the state of his lip.

Day 2 ...... and ..... Day 3

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Adiskas said...

poor baby! we pray he stays calm and heals quickly!!!

Nona and Papa said...

As Dad and I put the girls to bed tonite we all prayed for Noah's lip, his healing and his peace and that God would direct the hearts and skills of the surgeon/s to assess Noah on Friday.