June 27, 2009

Cairo's Story

I'm a dog and I like people. I have two people who adopted me when I was just a pup. I don't remember much before that - just vague feelings of being licked, squished, and nuzzled. Since I've been here they have brought home three tiny people one at a time. These little people give me a lot of food.

Even though my person bosses me around and tells me to sit, lay down, come, get off, and stuff like that, it's a good gig. I mean she feeds me, tells the little people to be gentle, keeps the water fresh, gives awesome ear rubs, and has finally started taking me for walks every morning. (She does have a strange habit of "cleaning up after me" on our walks, if you know what mean. Whatever.)

Yesterday the little people sprayed me with the hose, rubbed me down, and sprayed me again. It wasn't as bad as I let on. Everything was normal as I lounged in the yard until I noticed it was getting pretty late. Usually my person lets me back in the house by now. She always wants me by her side in the evenings.

I took advantage of my alone time combined with my expanding knowledge of my neighborhood. The fence is no challenge to me and once my adventure was underway, there was no stopping me! Let me just tell you that squirrels are as fast when I am leash-free as they are when I am leashed. Cars don't seem to yield when I am not with my person. And the people with the scaredy cat didn't let me in their house either.

Next time I may just wait for my person to walk with me.

-The Dog (The people call me Cairo.)

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