June 19, 2009

Father's Week

Opening the present wrapped in ice

As soon as Josiah heard that this Sunday is Father's Day, he began looking for presents to give to Daddy; however, he has been unable to wait to give his gifts. Josiah's packaging has been creative. One day, he gave John a construction hat, hedgehog beanie, a light saber and a glow stick in a game box. Another day, he found a gift bag to package a snake beanie. Wednesday, they broke apart a block of ice to free the gifts. Inside the ice was a plastic knife, two little ladders, a plastic frog, a penny, and probably more. Yesterday, we painted and Josiah made his artwork for Daddy. It's hard to give enough to the person who gives so much of himself.

For the fun times,

the first times,

the comforting times,

the helpful times,

the hard at work times,

and the together times,

we thank you and love you.


Josiah said...

This is like a blog present.

DAD said...

thanks you guys, i love you all!!!