June 4, 2009

Eight days later....

Nona came over to remove Josiah's stitches. Of course, he was willing to wait yet another day but the time had come.

Josiah was nervous at first; however, when the first stitch was removed without him feeling a thing, he relaxed.

It's okay to wince. I did.

Hurray! Now he can take baths and run and quit using all the bandages...

See the three little stitches?
Now we have our very own stitch removal kit but like I said before, we won't be making a habit of this. Seriously. No more stitches please. I told John that I want that stuff they shake onto those gaping wounds in the war movies so that I can just put that onto any cuts and everything will be A-Okay. You know the stuff I'm talking about, don't you? Is that too much to ask? Hm. Probably. Okay, let's just not get cut.

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