June 29, 2009

Cleaning Day

I took on the task of cleaning the boys' room which included picking up Legos, K'nex, Playmobil, odds and ends, lots of trash, organizing the bookshelf, vacuuming, putting away all their clean laundry, and sorting Nathan's clothes by removing all the 3T and replacing them with 4T.

Josiah was helping me. His assignment was to search out and pick up all the Legos. I let him do it in his creative ways such as being a digger and scooping them up or making a piece of track into a slide on which to place the Legos to go into the box. At one point he thought my job looked better. He said, "Why do I have to pick up all the Legos? Can we trade jobs?" I said, "Sure! I'm picking up the K'nex, the Playmobil, and the Legos too. Are you sure you want to trade?" "Oh. Never mind.", he says.

When it looked like we were making progress I asked him, "How is it looking to you?" Josiah answered, "It looks like break time."

Finally, the task is complete. It's so satisfying to see a job well done. I have more lofty goals tomorrow but I may end up scrapping them to take the boys on an adventure. To clean or to play, that is the question.

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