July 2, 2009

Fun in the Sun

While John was taking advantage of the great weather to work, I made other plans. Holly, Matt, Tracy, and I along with all our children went to the beach. It was a wonderful day for the beach! We had a little picnic on the beach first. Josiah got in the water up to his neck. I was impressed. I took Noah into the water up to our chests. He didn't like it at all but after getting out of the water, he was happy to sit just out of reach of the waves and dig in the sand with his shovel and pail. Nathan passed on the water part but had a blast playing in the sand and making "castles." I caught myself counting heads over and over again when we were at the water's edge. Perhaps floaties would be good until my boys learn to swim.

Huh. There's a little sand on that towel.

I think it needs more.

Excuse me. Are you going to eat that?

Aw man, he IS eating that! Where's MY snack?

Snack time

Josiah can't resist posing for me.

I wonder what Noah and Olivia are up to all this time. Non-verbal communication. Or possibly one-sided conversation on Olivia's part. She's a talker. Noah likes to point and grunt. At least he practices good manners with sign language.

Cousins are great.

Good times. I want to make sure we do this often this summer. Hopefully Nathan will get in the water too. And if you hear that I'm going to the beach, please remind me to put sunscreen on myself at the same time I apply it to my boys. Thank you.

The next time we go to the beach the boys will be wearing their new goggles courtesy of Nona and Papa.

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