July 30, 2009

A Tropical Bash

We went to Eli and Ethan's birthday party which was a joint party since they were born only 4 days apart. The tropical themed party was filled with kids, grown-ups, marvelous decorations, delicious food, and a lot of fun.

Beach cupcakes. Adorable!

Tropical birthday cake. Delicious!

The Mr. Pineapple Heads seemed to enjoy the party too.

Water and a trampoline made great activities.

A parrot pinata. Look at the determination on Josiah's face!

Pinata candy scavengers. Who let the big guy in there?

THIS is the picture I've been waiting to show you! "What's so special about this?", you ask. Well, let me tell you. It's not just a messy plate. No, no. It's a SMUSHED plate. My brother, Matt, sat on his own plate! Ha HA HA ha! It was so funny. I've see this on television before but to see it in person is great! I tried to get a picture of Matt's pants but my camera was too slow and then he was threatening to smash food in my face and before I could get John to sneak around the house and take a picture from the other side of the fence, Belinda saved Matt by handing him a towel .... so I settled for a photo of the sat-upon food. *grin*

All in all the party was a smashing success!

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