July 28, 2009

Deductions of a Preschooler

In the midst of a baseball conversation this morning I was reminded of a story.

When Josiah was in Pre-K, a baseball player from our local team came to his school. The school let us know about it ahead of time so on that day I sent Josiah's Seawolves baseball cap and a baseball from the stadium with him to get autographed. The player was the shortstop. I don't know his name because the signature was illegible and I wasn't that familiar with the team. We just watch the games. Josiah was pleased to show Grandpa his signed hat and ball since he knows that "Grandpa really likes baseball." I will admit that I forgot about it for the most part after that.

One day, which must have been at least three months later, Josiah was drawing and scribbling. When I asked him what he was drawing he told me, "I'm writing in baseball language." Baseball language? What is my child talking about? Then I remembered the illegible scribble of a signature given by the Seawolves' shortstop. Eureka! Cursive and/or signatures = baseball language. It is a brilliant preschooler's deduction.

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