July 30, 2009

Saturday Fun

My nieces came over to play on a Saturday. All the kids had a blast together. After watching Madagascar 2 we spent most of the day outside. We had a very busy day. Of course, there was the girly stuff my nieces brought over... fake fingernails, glittery eye makeup, pink plastic cellphones. Those things are kind of foreign to me so I asked them to put them back in the bags so they wouldn't get lost all over my house especially since Nathan was using Bella's eye makeup to paint his whole forehead! He looked like someone from Star Trek.

The slide always seems to be a bit hit.

Josiah worked on getting the fire going again so that we could roast hot dogs for dinner. There was quite a bit of smoke for him though. I took over fire duty and we had a great time roasting and eating hot dogs, eating french fries, and drinking Kool-Aid.

We spent some time doing sidewalk chalk after dinner.

We ended our day together riding "bikes." Technically, there were only two bikes. We also got out the tractor, the three-wheel pedal car, the push car, and the scooter. I'm sure they would have gotten out more but I felt I had to enforce a limit somewhere. We certainly enjoyed having Savannah and Bella for the day even though I think John was happy that the teensy, girly, glittery, makeup and accessories left when the girls did. He likes dirt of which we have no shortage around here.

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