July 23, 2009

Now Where Are Those Marshmallows?

One evening after dinner I decided we should do something fun and different so I built a fire in our backyard. The boys were very interested in this endeavor. It has been so long since we've done this that they probably forgot the purpose of our backyard fire pit. They started gathering sticks for me while I stacked the wood then John returned home and brought out the lighter fluid. Flames!

Then I busted out the marshmallows and the roasting began.

Occasionally, Nathan would ask John for more Hot. "More hot please?" He really liked that lighter fluid...

Nathan roasted those marshmallows until they were barely warm then he came to me for more marshmallows. As soon as he was set up with fresh marshmallows I would re-roast the warmed marshmallows. Josiah seemed to be a roasting pro. There was more roasting than eating though.

Josiah spent any non-marshmallow roasting time looking for spare scraps of paper to feed the fire.

Marshmallows were done and over-done. When I noticed how few marshmallows were being eaten compared to how many were being roasted I put a halt to the use of fresh marshmallows. At this point the boys began re-roasting their marshmallows.

When John and I were talking with each other and watching Noah, Nathan kept saying something behind me. I finally realized he was saying, "Hot! Hot!" I turned and saw a flaming marshmallow. "Yes, that's hot! Blow it out!", I tell him. Nathan: "Okaaay" Josiah helped too.

Noah did a great job staying back from the fire.

"More hot please?" "No, Nathan, that's enough."

After the marshmallows were all done (and re-done), we did a bit of relaxing before bedtime.

I love a good fire, I do. And now my boys do too.

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