July 23, 2009

Lions and Tigers or Zebras

The boys and I made a trip to the zoo with girls last week. Since I am normally surrounded by males I welcomed the company of Nona, Angela, and my nieces, Savannah and Bella, on our excursion.

There was still a lot of climbing.

When we stopped at the lion exhibit Nona tried a little lesson and asked why that lion doesn't look like the lion in the picture. The kids promptly answered because that lion is a girl and that one is a boy. Then I heard this from Savannah: "Or that lion is really a boy and they just shaved his head." Good thinking.

When we came to the tiger exhibit Nathan pointed out the zebra to me. "Actually that's a white tiger." Nathan insisted, "No. It's a zebra!"

The boardwalk has always been a favorite and this day was no different. There is a lot of running, pointing, and looking. Even Noah abandons his stroller for the running of the boards.

Bella, Nathan, Savannah and Josiah wait on the wall for the rest of us to catch up to them.

Then we get to ride the carousel. This is Noah and me. Noah is probably wondering if the ride is ever going to start. He just needed some encouragement to wait it out.

Savannah and Aunt Ang rode together while Josiah, Nathan and Bella rode with Nona.

After the ride was over, Aunt Ang bought each of the kids a stamped penny. Nathan got his then wanted to put it back in the machine. I told him that the penny was his prize and it was for him to keep. I'm not sure what he was thinking but my guess is that he was hoping for candy. When he gets determined like that the best thing to do is find a distraction. "Are you guys ready to go to the playground?"

I think sand is my boys' all time favorite thing to play with.

Until someone takes the shovel away. When I showed Nathan this picture later. He said, "Oh! He's crying! My Nathan."

No worries though. We ended the trip with a ride on the zoo train. That makes everything A-Okay.

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