July 8, 2009

Independence Day

The 4th of July was filled with family and friends. There was a LOT of family since it was the annual Kloecker family reunion. I'm so thankful for name tags!

We let John wait in the food line while we checked out the new playground. Let the fun begin!

Noah claps his approval. "Good job!"
I'm hoping Josiah doesn't fly off the merry go round.
Mmm... cookie.
"Hold on with both hands!"
Really?! Look at this swing! It's huge? Do people have babies this big?

Nathan is getting prepped for his big race.
As I'm watching Josiah's race, my competitive self is thinking, "Come on! They said 'ON YOUR MARKS!'" Note to self: Explain On your mark and Get Set to Josiah.
The watchers.


John is set. Run, John, run!
My water balloon toss partner is the short one.
John and his dad teamed up for the water balloon toss while I partnered with Josiah. They lasted longer than us but I think it was probably because Josiah and I had defective balloons. I can't think of any other reason.
The grandpas had a nail driving contest. Those grandpas were good. I also think there was some cheating going on or at the very least they were defining the rules as they went.
Nathan took part in the chalk drawing contest but wasn't interested enough to stick around until the end. After all, there was a lion in which to climb.

And so after an afternoon of visiting, food, games, and fun we said our good-byes just in time. Noah was so exhausted that he started crying for no apparent reason. (Holidays can be rough on little ones.) He fell asleep almost immediately in the car. There was enough time for Noah and Nathan to take a power nap as we drove from one family picnic to another.

To be continued...

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Elizabeth(cousin) said...

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