June 13, 2009


Aw! Look at those cute toes. So little. So ticklish. So crossing over themselves.

These are Nathan's toes. The doctors at Shriner's Children's Hospital took a look at his toes this week to determine if anything should be done to correct his crossing toes. Apparently, this condition is known as "Curly Toe." The tendons in the middle toes are too tight for some unknown reason and pull the toes down so that they are curled all the time. Meanwhile, the index (?) toes move over into the open area much like my husband takes over my side of the bed.

The doctor said that this can be corrected by a simple out-patient surgery which cuts the tendons and allows them to heal at the proper length. Then the toes move back into their proper position. It is supposed to have a super fast recovery time. I like simple. So someday soon Nathan's toes will be straight again. I hope they don't mind "being like everyone else." Maybe I can come up with a new name for them. Wiggly Toe?

I'm still trying to come up with a procedure to stop my husband from hogging the bed.

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