June 11, 2009

Just Coming

As I descend the basement stairs I hear Nathan saying, "Wait for me! I'm coming." My errand is so short that I don't wait as I tell him to come along. Nathan continues to talk to me as I retrieve a towel from the dryer. "I'm coming! I'm not cutting my lip; I'm just coming." I love how his mind works.

Speaking of cutting lips....
Noah's lip looks a lot better today. The hanging chad fell off during the night. The specialists will examine him again tomorrow and determine if they think surgery would be best. I just want what is best for Noah.

Since Tuesday, Nathan and Noah have been feeling sick. It's that puke-on-your mom-and-in-your-bed-don't-feel-like-moving-or-eating-want-to-be-held-feverish kind of sick. Thankfully, they are on the mend! Lots of cuddles and prayers and Gatorade later, they are longing to return to the Great Outdoors.

They want to join Josiah outside. Just a little more rest, guys.

I realize that this morning's post may be somewhat jumbled and unfocused but that tends to be how I function when I don't get my quota of sleep. Besides, life doesn't usually hand us one thing at a time and it is the multiple facets that make most things beautiful.

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Grandma said...

Thank God they are healing. The surgery for Nathan doesn't sound so bad. Especially if he is able to run around again in a day or so. Noah looks much better, too.