February 6, 2009

Good Girl, Cairo!

This is Cairo. She's been with us since one month after John and I were married. When we brought her home from the Humane Society, she was only 7 pounds of cuteness.
She didn't get nearly as big as we thought she would. We were told she is a German Shepherd, Black Lab, Husky mix. She weighs in around 32 pounds now. She loves to play and be pet but is pretty laid back. Cairo will wait beside me at night until I go to bed. Then she'll sleep on her blanket in the corner of our room.
I thought she deserved mention on our blog today because she puts up with soooo much. All our boys love Cairo. Sometimes she probably wishes they didn't. She's been pulled on, crawled on, poked, hand-fed, "put to bed", tickled, bossed around and more. She handles it all with grace and mercy!
She's very smart, resourceful, and obedient. She puts up with the boys playing with and hiding her toys. She puts up with the cat sharing her food. She puts up with Noah sharing her food.....
Here's to Cairo!

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Jessica and Jason said...

What a great dog! She does live a full life. :) I find it amusing that she has a tri-parentage. How does that work?