February 10, 2009

Getting Down the Basics

Potty training is in full swing with Nathan. Saturday morning I changed him out of his pajamas and diaper and started putting underwear on him. He says to me, "What's this? Where's my diaper?" I told him that he's going to wear underwear, big boy pants like Josiah and that he will get to use the potty. It wasn't long before he was telling John and Josiah that he was wearing underwear. He was very proud of it.

Nathan didn't buck "practicing going to the potty" nearly as much as I had feared. He didn't like to stop playing to go but we sang songs, blew spit bubbles, and more to keep the good times rolling. :0)

He's good at placing his training seat on the toilet and putting it away. He really likes to flush.

He knows that the toilet paper is supposed to fit in somewhere so Nathan pulls off a square and puts it in the toilet every time he gets up and, of course, flushes it down.

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