February 26, 2009

My House Looks Like a Kleenex Testing Facility!

This has been a very long week. What? Today is Thursday? So.... it's not over yet.

Noah wasn't feeling well Sunday morning so he and John stayed home. Nathan insisted that he wanted to go to church but by the end of the service he had fallen asleep. That just doesn't happen with Nathan. I took him home because he wanted his daddy then I delivered Josiah to Nona and Papa who were taking him to see Disney on Ice. (A fun time, I'm told.) Josiah and Noah are doing well in spite of little coughs.

When I got home Nathan was resting with John. That night John took Nathan downstairs and "slept" on the pull out sofa. Monday was full of more resting on the couch and on daddy. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights Nathan slept in our bed with me while John got a break and slept downstairs. The days and nights were full of holding, wiping snot, holding, crying, comforting, holding, taking to the potty, wiping snot, taking temperatures.... Did I mention holding and wiping snot?

It's a sweet time to be able to snuggle with our normally energetic and outgoing son; however, it's heart rending to see him feeling so badly. Our family is so used to getting over an illness after a day that this seems especially long. We're trying hard to find quality time with each other and our other boys.

Nathan has begun to eat more and move around. His temperature seems to be returning to normal even though his nose is still producing the same amount of snot. I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

*cough, whimper, cough*

Oh no! Noah, please, let's not start the cycle again. Here, let me wipe your nose.

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